Go to bed with dreams, wake up with plans

Sleeping World is smart technology, functional beds and a community – everything you need for optimised sleep and more energy.

Take control and sleep well

For many people, getting a good night’s sleep is easier said than done. Sleeping World gives you the tools to cake control of your sleep, in a smarter way.

Who knows most about getting the best sleep?

You, of course. And everyone else who thinks it is important to optimise their sleep for a healthy life with energy. Sleeping World Community can give you both personal advice and inspiration from others just like you.


If it can be measured, it can be made better

Sleeping World Sensor measures your pulse, movements and breathing during the night. Data from up to 30 nights will show your sleep pattern. With a thorough and long-term analysis of your sleep, you can get personalised tailored advice.

Smart sensor measures better

Over time, a smart sensor measures the factors that actually influence your sleep. Respiration, pulse and the sleeping environment etc.


Sleep coach for smarter advice

The sensor measurement results are analysed in the app. You get personal advice, become aware of your sleep journey and can share your data.


Say goodbye to messy sheets

Sleeping World ZipTop™ ensures that the sheets and mattress topper always stay in place. Gives you a freashly made bed every day.


Beds for optimised sleep

Sleeping World has developed three bed collections with springs that smoothly move to follow all your body movements.


AYA – only the best, nothing else

Sleeping World makes it simple for you to select exactly the right bed for you. High quality materials, excellent springs, a stripped-back design, functional mattress toppers, connected sensors, plus membership of Sleeping World Community, are included with all beds in the AYA collection.

The route to a new life

With Sleeping World, your life is healthier and you have more energy.