Sleeping World – For a smarter way to sleep

More energy through smarter sleeping

Sleeping World was founded in 2017 to improve people’s sleep quality. We want to help people have more energy through smarter sleeping. After many years in the bed industry, we have learned one or two things about how we sleep, why we sleep and why we don’t. We also know that good sleep is just as important as a good diet and regular exercise for a healthy life.

Three approaches to sleeping well

The answer to the question of what to do to sleep well is rather complex. Just buying a comfortable bed can be just as useful as buying an expensive pair of trainers but never taking them out the wardrobe. So, we’ve combined three approaches to simplify your path to smarter sleep.

1. We measure how you sleep over the long-term with a reliable, sensor analysis.
2. We give you personal advice in Sleeping World Community based on sleep analysis.
3. We have a range of beds and accessories which focus on creating optimised sleep.

Welcome to your journey towards a smarter way to sleep.

Welcome to Sleeping World.