Learning from each other

A community that never sleeps

Within Sleeping World Community, we have analyses and knowledge to help you optimise your sleep and get the most out of life. This is where we share experiences and inspiration. In the community that never sleeps, we learn together how to sleep smarter.

Tips for smarter sleep

Perhaps you’ve already studied all the theories out there about how to improve and optimise your sleep. There are articles based on science, and articles based on ‘common sense’. Here and here are some that we think are worth reading. However, even if they are good and contain advice we know is helpful, they do not take into account your individual situation. This is why we created sleeping world community, so you can find the right path that works for you.

Subscribe to a healthier life

Improving your sleep is not something that happens overnight. You need to spend time on your sleep habits continuously, which is why Sleeping World Community is a subscription. Over time you can view your sleep patterns and optimise how you sleep. Much like with exercise and eating healthily, it takes time to see the results.

Sleeping World Community

You can become a member of Sleeping World Community either by downloading the Sleeping World App or by purchasing an AYA bed. As a member, your sleep patterns will be part of the community database, which is then used to analyse how different bedroom and lifestyle behaviours influence our sleep. Your sleep profile is identified so that you can compare yourself to others and each month receive a sleep newsletter with personalised sleep advice.

How do I join the community?

1. Download the app.
2. Accept the user terms and conditions.
3. Provide your order number or register and pay.