Measure and see patterns

Don’t just measure one night, measure several

There are many sensors that can measure your sleep. However, whether they are on your mobile or your smart watch, they still only measure the previous night’s sleep. You could have had a good or bad night’s sleep and have nothing to compare it with. This is why it’s difficult to find patterns that develop over time and which may be the reason for your less than optimal sleep. The Sleeping World Sensor gives you long-term measurement that provides a correct sleep analysis.

Wake up refreshed and alert with a better algorithm

Sleeping World has worked hard to develop an algorithm to analyse your nightly behavioural patterns. This allows you to receive smarter and more personal tailored advice. The sensor measures your movements, pulse, breathing, the room temperature and the air quality. The app will wake you at the most suitable point within the time frame you set. You will wake up ready and refreshed. You can view and share your data – this will constantly develop the reliability of the system.

Personalised advice to give you energy

There is a lot of good advice on smarter sleeping. One issue is finding the advice that’s right for you. This is where Sleeping World really makes a difference. The data that is collected in our community gives us knowledge about sleep that we can then use to provide personalised advice, in addition to the basic facts such as 'do not use your mobile or tablet right before going to sleep'. With Sleeping World, we can be much more specific, as we know so much both about sleep patterns in general and about your particular sleep patterns.

Sleeping World Sensor

The Sleeping World Sensor sits under your mattress topper and maps your sleep phases by measuring your heartrate, breathing and movement. The sensor’s control box also measures the room temperature and humidity levels. Your sleep data is saved and uploaded to your app regardless of whether or not your mobile is switched on. The sensor has enough memory capacity for two years’ sleep data and its battery only needs to be charged once a month. Its simple design won’t spoil your bedroom decor, and it is easy to bring.

How does it work?

1. The sensor contains a piezoelectric strip to measure microscopic vibrations.
2. The vibrations are divided up into heartbeat, breathing and movement.
3. The algorithms combine these signals to create your sleep graph curve.

Your path to optimised sleep

With the sensor, bed and app, you have complete control over your sleep pattern.

What information is measured and saved

- Breathing rhythm
- Heartrate
- Movements
- Temperature and humidity levels in the bedroom
- Gender, age, weight, height
- Personal information from registration
- Statistics on how you use the community and the app

What information is not measured and saved

- Where you sleep
- What you do in bed
- Audio

The saved data is never sold on to any third party.