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The AYA collection focuses on what's important for a good night’s sleep. Quality springs and natural breathable materials are key; there’s no unnecessary stuffing just for show. All AYA models are connected with a Sleeping World Sensor, and include membership of Sleeping World community.

AYA 01

The base model AYA 01 is a smart continental bed that is built to give you a comfortable and healthy sleep. The bed consists of two levels of pocket springs that conform to your body, a softer section for your shoulder and a firmer for your lower back. This way, you get a combination of superior pressure relief and support. The top mattress has a soft surface closest to the body, made of a perforated and ventilating foam material.

AYA 02

AYA 02 is a smart continental bed with smart solutions and well-tried materials that give the bed an added level of comfort. Two layers of pocket springs, where the top layer is a bit higher, give the body new possibilities to recover during your sleep. The top mattress consists of smart rapid memory foam that reacts instantly, contours to your body and creates a comfortable and cool sensation. You will also find our unique ZipTop™-solution that keeps the top mattress and sheet in place during the night.

AYA 03

 AYA 03 is a smart bed for you that want it all. A continental bed with smart solutions that optimize your sleep. This bed comes with three unique and individually supporting springs, where one layer has zones with maximum pressure relief for sore shoulders and a firm support for the waist and lower back. These layers are there to give you the perfect conditions for a healthy sleep and recovery. The top mattress consists Talalay natural latex, with a unique breathability combined with a contouring sensation and durability.

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ZipTop® keeps the mattress topper and sheets in place

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The Aya-collection is hand built in Sweden, combining a modern design with a high quality craftmanship.

Sleeping World adds a new concept to sleep. Here, digital technology is united with a traditional craftmanship to offer an optimized sleeping experience for the person who knows that every day might be the most important day of their life. Welcome to a simpler, smarter world of sleep.