A smarter way to sleep

Everyone has the right to optimised sleep and more energy

Eating right and getting exercise is essential for feeling good and having enough energy for your daily life. That’s something you probably already know. But do you know just how significant sleep is for your rest and recovery? We now know that lack of sleep or bad sleep can lead to poor health, both physically and mentally. Sleeping World was founded in order to improve people’s sleep quality. We want to help you have more energy to face a new day. A good bed is just part of the solution; a holistic approach is needed.

The holistic approach that helps you – and everyone else

Sleeping World helps you achieve smarter sleep in three ways. We use a sensor to measure how you sleep over time, to get data for a sleep analysis in our app. We are a community where you can get individual advice on how to optimise your sleep. Plus, we have developed a range of beds where we have focused on what really makes a difference for healthy sleep.

Go to bed with dreams, wake up with plans

Sleeping World has lengthy experience of bed manufacturing and people’s sleep needs. Using this expertise, we have created a concept that goes beyond what is already available on the market. There are companies who measure, but we measure more precisely and more long-term. There are standardised bed and mattress packages, but we know that you are unique. There’s plenty of manufacturing tradition, but we know that you also expect digital solutions. This is why we combine digital tools with genuine Swedish craftsmanship and functional design. So that you can go to bed with dreams and wake up with plans.